LINGram 20: A Grammar of the Khassi Language

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A Grammar of the Khassi Language

H. Roberts

We would particularly call attention to two prominent features of the work: complete paradigms for the conjugation of all verbs and a detailed treatment of the article, subjects in regard to which the Khassi language possesses features altogether its own, as compared with other members of the Sub-Himalayan group. The number of people speaking the language may roughly estimated at 250,000. Their area is situated in the very centre of the Province of Assam (adopted from the preface).

The grammar contains chapters on orthography, nominal morphology (noun, pronoun, adjectives), verbal morphology (moods and tenses, conjugations, active, passive voice), adverbs, preposition, and syntax. (Re-edition; originally published 1891 in London; written in English)

ISBN 978 3 86290 003 9. LINCOM Gramatica 20. 227pp. 2011.

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