LSAL 98: Aspects of Chimpoto Grammar

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Aspects of Chimpoto Grammar
Robert Botne
Indiana University
in collaboration with
Margaret P. Mwingira
This grammar provides a description of an undocumented Bantu language—Chimpoto N14—spoken in southwestern Tanzania along the shores of Lake Nyasa. The volume covers the essential areas of Chimpoto grammar: phonology, the morphology of nouns, noun modifiers, and verbs, pronouns, the semantics of tense and aspect, syntax and grammatical relations, information structure, interrogatives, and ideophones. Included are four narrative texts, a Chimpoto-English and English-Chimpoto lexicon, and two appendices (kin relations and motion verbs). The linguistic description is accompanied by numerous examples, most extracted from texts or natural conversation.
ISBN 9783862889600 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in African Linguistics 98. 300pp. 2019.
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