LSLAB 03: Acquisition of Russian as L1 and L2

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Acquisition of Russian as L1 and L2
Hristo Kyuchukov, Oxana Ushakova & Valentina Yashina
University of Silesia, Russian Academy of Education, Moscow Pedagogical State University


The new book in the Lincom Studies in Language Acquisition and Bilingualism series is dedicated to the acquisition of Russian in monolingual and bilingual contexts. The first two chapters cover a wide range of topics from speech development in infancy, formation of language personality in preschool age, the learning of the deixis, the acquisition of shifters to the development of the lexicon. The focus of the third chapter is on the acquisition of Russian in Germany and Sweden. The fourth part of the book contains papers on the impact of the educational environment on the speech development of young children, the role of ethnopedagogy in the process of language learning of Russian bilingual children, and how Russian is used in the process of psychotherapy.

The volume constitutes an excellent, thought-provoking collection of articles and presents new research findings. It will be very useful for linguists interested in Russian linguistics, psycholinguistics, psychologists and the educators of Russian speaking children.




Hristo Kyuchukov

Acquisition of Russian: Introduction  


Nikolay Veraksa & Aleksandr Veraksa

Speech development in infancy


Оксана Ушакова, Валентина Яшина и  Христо Кючуков / Oxana Ushakova, Valentina Yashina & Hristo Kyuchukov

Форми-рование языковой личности в  дошкольном детстве / Formation of language personality in preschool childhood


Ekaterina Protassova

Acquisition of deixis in Russian: the early steps


Галина Доброва / Galina Dobrova

Освоение “шифтеров” русскими детьми: личные местоимения и термины родства / Learning “shifters” by Russian children: personal pronouns and terms of relationship


Oxana Ushakova, Elizaveta Strunina & Hristo Kyuchukov

Lexico-semantic aspect of сonnected speech development of pre-school children


Tanja Anstatt

Acquisition of verbal aspect in Russian as a heritage language


Natalia Ringblom

Peculiarities of morpho-syntax in Russian heritage children: some implications for mother tongue instruction


Irina Lykova & Viktoria Kozhevnikova

How to create educational environment for children, helping them to defind the word’s meaning  


Галина Нездемковская / Galina  Nezdemkovskaya

Возможности этнопедагогики в решении проблем билингвального образования России / Possibilities оf еthno-pedagogy in the solution of problems of bilingual education in Russia


Alla Spivakovskaya

Verbal communication training in family therapy: styles and technologies

ISBN 9783862889112 (Hardbound).  LINCOM Studies in Language Acquisition and Bilingualism 03. 180pp. 2019.
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