LBR 02: The Butterfly and the Blossom: A Bilingual Reader (Arabic – English)

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The Butterfly and the Blossom
A Bilingual Reader
 (Arabic – English)
written by Zahraa Nasir
translated by Fred Pragnell
Wordsland Tales is a series of stories that have happened, are happening and will happen in Wordsland. These stories have not ended and will never come to an end. In Wordsland, there are forests where animals live and villages where dwarves live. Just like people in our real world, animals and dwarves in Wordsland breathe, sleep, drink, eat and speak. The Butterfly and the Blossom written by Zahraa Nasir and translated by Fred Pragnell is one the Wordsland Tales.
The dual language format with the English translation side by side with the Arabic will appeal to two groups of readers. Firstly, native Arabic speaking youngsters, keen to improve their English, will find the frequent repetition of common nouns, verbs and adjectives found in the translation will help in mastering core vocabulary and thereby rapidly improve reading fluency. The English glossary at the end provides a convenient list of words used in the translation. Using this glossary will help readers to develop their dictionary skills and the formation of definitions. The second group of readers who will benefit from reading this story will be native English speaking youngsters who are learning Arabic as a second or foreign language. These youngsters will have heard Arabic at home and already be able to read simple Arabic. 
ISBN 9783862887668. LINCOM Bilingual Readers 02. 99pp. 2017.

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