LINGram 200: A Grammar of the Bohemian or Čech Language

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A Grammar of the Bohemian or Čech Language
W.R. Morfill
The Bohemian or Čech language belongs to the western branch of the great Slavonic family. The Slavonic people called Čechs first made their appearance in the territory which they now occupy about 451 A.D. It had previously been settled by the Boii (hence the usual name of the country, as if home of the Boii), a Keltic tribe, and the Marcomanni, a Teutonic tribe.
The grammar contains chapters on phonology, morphology and syntax. The classification of the nouns and verbs is based, with slight modifications, upon those given by Miklosich in his great Comparative Grammar (Vergleichende Gramamatik der Slavischen Sprachen). The language is thus brought into harmony with the principles which I have endeavoured to carry out in my Russian, Serbian, and Bulgarian grammars (adapted from the Introduction).

Contents: Phonology, Accidence (Noun. Adjective. Numerals. Pronoun. Verb. Adverb. Prepositions. Conjunctions. Interjections). Syntax (Concords. Noun. Verb. Order of Words). Reading lessons.Vocabulary. (Re-edition. Originally published 1899 in London).

ISBN 9783862887194. LINCOM Gramatica 200. 196pp. 2016.
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