LIOR 82: A Sketch of the Modern Languages of the East Indies

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A Sketch of the Modern Languages of the East Indies

Accompanied by Two Language Maps

Robert Cust

Much had been written about the languages of the East Indies, but the extent of our present knowledge had not ever been brought to a focus. Information on particular subjects was only obtained, or looked for, by consulting a specialist, and then hunting down the numbers of a serial or the chapters of a volume not always to be found. It occurred to me, that it might be of use to others to publish in an arranged form the notes, which I had collected for my own edification. My book is essentially a compilation (from the introduction).

Contents: Introduction. Aryan family. Dravidian family. Kolarian family. Tibeto-Burman family. Khasi family. Tai family. Mon-Anam family. Malayan family. Conclusion. Appendices: Two language maps. Table of languages and dialects. List of Authorities for each language. Alphabetical index of languages, dialects, and peculiar characters. Alphabetical index of subjects, authors, books, and places (Re-edition. Originally published 1878 in London).

Two four-colour maps (A language Map of India and its Border Lands. A Language Map of Further India and the Indian Archipelago). ISBN 9783862884810. LINCOM Orientalia 82. 210pp. 2 maps. 2015.

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