LCS 12: Roma Identity and Antigypsyism in Europe

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Roma Identity and Antigypsyism in Europe

Hristo Kyuchukov & Omar Rawashdeh (eds.)
Free University of Berlin, Roma Center for Intercultural Dialog, Berlin

The book “Roma identity and Antigypsyism in Europe” is a collection of selected articles, presented at Khamoro World Festival in Prague, during the 2010 and 2012 editions of the Festival. Leading experts in the field of Roma issues discuss the problems of Roma identity and the forms of antigypsyism in modern 21 c. Europe. Specialists in the field of linguistics, sociology, ethnology, anthropology, history and education present their research findings and scientific observations. The book will be an interesting Reader for students in the field of “Romani studies”, as well as to everyone interested in the Roma issue.


The contemporary situation of Roma and problems with their identity
Ian Hancock

Projection Hypotheses in language and identity among Muslim Roma
Hristo Kyuchukov

Roma identities in Central, South-eastern and Eastern Europe
Elena Marushiakova and Vesselin Popov

Contemporary changes in Roma identity in the Czech and Slovak Republic
Eva Davidová

“Yaşasin Romanlar!” Emerging Romani organisations and idetities in the Republic of Turkey, 2000-2010
Adrian Marsh

The role of healthy Roma self-confidence in the integration process
Jana Horvathova

Memory, history and Rromanipen: reflection on the concept of trace
Sarah Carmona

Sampanis vs. Greece: discrimination, disrespect and Roma identity on the EU frontier
William New

Roma identity and great Roma personalities
Jaroslav Balvin


History of Antigypsyism in Europe: the social causes
Markus End

Antigypsyism in Czechoslovakia during the communist era (1950 – 1989)
Eva Davidová

Social and economic bases of antigypsyism
Thomas Acton

New trends of antiziganism in Central And Southeastern Europe
Elena Marushiakova and Vesselin Popov

Antigypsyism and University education
Hristo Kyuchukov and Jaroslav Balvin

ISBN 9783862884148. LINCOM Cultural Studies 12. 206pp. 2013.

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