LWM 493: Eastern Nepali Grammar

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Eastern Nepali Grammar

Kedar Prasad Poudel
English Department, Mahendra Multiple Campus, Dharan, Nepal

Nepali is an Indo-Aryan language spoken mostly in Nepal. It was called Parbate /pərbəte boli/ ‘spoken in Hills’ or /gorkha bhasa/ ‘language of Gorkha’ before. Considering only one variety as the standard one, one particular dialect has been studied in the traditional approach. Its Eastern dialect is different from its other varieties, because of not only geographical distances but also its different neighbouring languages.

Previously published grammars seem to have been written with the influence of Sanskrit grammar. They are traditional and prescriptive. This grammar is different from previously written grammars of Nepali. Its language corpuses are studied on the basis of how the native speakers speak, but not on the basis of what etymological sources the corpuses have and the rules that the prescriptive grammarians have prescribed in their writing system.

Both forms and functions are considered but the focus is given onto the forms rather than the functions. This book contains four major chapters: phonology, morphology, writing system and syntax. The analysis of writing system is essential, as it is much debatable. These chapters are preceded by ‘introductory remarks’, and succeeded by ‘conclusion’. Examples are given in phonemic transcription along with their interlinear glosses and free translation within single inverted commas.

ISBN 9783862884018. Languages of the World/Materials 493. 168pp. 2012.

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