LINGram 133: The Mende Language

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The Mende Language

F.W.H. Migeod

The Mende nation is located in the eastern part of the Sierra Leone Proctectorate. My study of the Mende language has been carried through my last two tours of services on the Gold Coast. There are some varieties of Mende spoken on the borders of the country where the people have mixed with their neighbours. In this book I have endeavoured to employ the southern form of the speech. The scheme I have adopted is one of short sentences of practical use, classified under their proper heads. Whenever possible a sentence is repeated if it can be made to illustrate more than one grammatical rule, and I have endeavoured to avoid the coining of phrases for the sake of furnishing examples of a rule (from the Introduction).

Contents: Part I: Useful phrases. Part II: Grammar (Pronunciation, substantives, adjectives, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, prepositions). Part III: Vocabularies. Part IV: Reading Materials. (re-edition, originally published 1908, London, written in English).

ISBN 9783862880621. LINCOM Gramatica 133. 276pp. 2011.

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