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LW/T 46: Bhojpuri

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(Analysed Corpus)
जीवंत भोजपुरी मजबून
Gopal Thakur
Linguistic Society of Nepal
This is an analysed corpus of Bhojpuri, an Indo-Aryan language, spoken mainly in the districts of central Madhesh (Sarlahi-Rupandehi) in Nepal and the adjacent Indian territories of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh with other provinces, too. Bhojpuri has also spread worldwide due to global migration. This corpus contains 13 texts that cover different genres of Bhojpuri, e.g., conversation, folktale, monologue, language use in rural surroundings and process of some agro-economic activities. Besides these, it covers examples of minimal pairs and positional arrangements of Bhojpuri phonemes.
In this book, texts have been provided at word and clause levels with descriptions of phonological, morpho-phonological, morphological and morphosyntactic aspects of Bhojpuri. The word or sentence is first presented in Devanagari alphabet. The text is transliterated in IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet). The IPA presentation is broken into morphemes. The lexical items of the morphemes are translated into English and the grammatical items are presented with their functional terminology in abbreviated form according to Leipzig glossing rules as far as practicable. At last, the free translation of the word or sentence is presented below each item.
Therefore, the book might be useful at home and abroad.
ISBN 9783969390900 (hardbound). Languages of the World/Text Collections 46. 386 pp. 2022
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36 - 36 von 36 Ergebnissen