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LSPol 04: The Evolution of African Capitalism

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The Evolution of African Capitalism
Kholisile David Dhliwayo
Africa University, Mutare, Zimbabwe
The author decided to put his thoughts and experiences as a Senior Zimbabwean Government Civil Servant in the form of a book, taking into account the challenges that African nations face as members of the international community.  Economic issues exercised his mind when he was in government and this book is a statement of Capitalism as conceived and practised within the African environment based on African historical experience and tradition.
He has traced the evolution of African Capitalism from 5,000 years ago when residents of the Nile Valley created the first civilisation on planet earth to the present.  There are four chapters in this book. The first chapter identifies the origins of African capitalism by providing an analysis of the concepts that created and are associated with Kemetic civilisation with special reference to the role of urbanisation.  The second chapter identifies specific African economic activities and on the basis of that provides the reader with a theoretical framework of African capitalism.  The third chapter which is the main chapter of this book provides an overview of African economic activities to provide the reader with a clear picture of the African political economy.  The fourth and final chapter is crucial in that it identifies the strength of African capitalism and its ability to survive the onslaught of Western Capitalism.
What has emerged from this study is that for African capitalism to survive it had to rely on local resources and the entrepreneurship of the African people which is rooted in the African historical experience and tradition.
ISBN 9783862889631. LINCOM Studies in Politics 04. 60pp. 2019.
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4 - 4 von 6 Ergebnissen