LBR 06: Hadiya Hussein: I Apologize on Your Behalf

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Hadiya Hussein: I Apologize on Your Behalf
A Bilingual Collection of Short Stories
Selected, translated, introduced and furnished with footnotes, biographical and critical notes by
Ibrahim Haider Farhan & Bushra Juhi Jani
Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad
This book introduces the first collection of Hadiya Hussein, a prominent Iraqi contemporary novelist and short story writer, to the English readers. The stories were translated into English and provided with annotations, biographical and critical notes. I Apologize on Your Behalf, a collection of eight stories, illustrates a broad spectrum of human experiences ranging from melancholy, desperation and horror to death and destruction. The protagonists of the stories find themselves in dire situations. The order of the stories in this book follows the original Arabic edition of 1993. The collection appeals to students, instructors and general and bilingual readers alike.
Contents: Preface. Introduction: A- The author. B- The Novels. C- The Short Stories. D- This Collection: 1. On the Hanger of Memory. 2. A Tent Over a Sad Dream. 3. The Scream of a Comparse. 4. Predatory Birds. 5. The Swap. 6. The Land Refuses Evacuation. 7. I Apologize on your Behalf. 8. There Where He Disappeared.
The editor, late Dr Ibrahim Haider Farhan (1950-2020), was a university professor. He had his M.Litt. from Strathclyde University in 1978 and his PhD in English Literature from the University of Birmingham in 1983. He held many academic positions in the most prestigious universities in Iraq, Jordin, Oman and Libya. He also taught English Literature in Leicester College in the UK. The coeditor, his wife, Dr Bushra Juhi Jani, is a lecturer of English at Al-Nahrain University in Baghdad.
ISBN 9783962060510. LINCOM Bilingual Readers 06. 172pp. 2021.
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