LW/D 72: A Raji-English Lexicon

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A Raji-English Lexicon
Dubi Nanda Dhakal
Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
Raji is an endangered Tibeto-Burman language spoken in Nepal, and also in Uttarakhand in India. This is the first glossary of Purbia Raji spoken in the Bardiya district of western Nepal. Although some materials are available related to Raji spoken in India, there is a dearth of such  materials in Nepal. This glossary contains 1730 words from Purbia Raji spoken in Bardiya, Nepal. This glossary contains basic lexical items the Raji speakers use in their daily lives. Raji borrows nearly half of its lexical items from Indo-Aryan languages spoken in the same geographical areas when the lexical items included in this glossary are analyzed. The percentage of  borrowing is lower when we take a shorter and basic word list.
The glossary is organized into three main sections. The first part provides the Raji lexical items arranged alphabetically with parts of speech, and their English equivalents. The lexical items are presented according to different semantic categories in the second part. The users can sort out the Raji words through English glosses in the third part. An appendix with Swadesh 100 words is given at the end of this glossary.
Dr. Dubi Nanda Dhakal is Associate professor at Central Department of Linguistics, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. His research interests include language documentation, description of lesser-analyzed languages, language contact, and areal typology.
ISBN 9783862889242 (Hardbound). Languages of the World/Dictionaries 72. 146pp. 2019.
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