LBR 03: I Die Every Day. Ten Libyan Tales

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I Die Every Day
Ten Libyan Tales
An Arabic-English Reader
Ali Mohammed Al-Ja’aki
Translated by
Mohammed Zagood & Fred Pragnell
I Die Every Day features ten short stories written by Ali Al-Ja'aki (The Button. The Departure. The Martyr. Nostalgia for the Fire. The Flood. The King of the Wind. The Phoenix. The Bubble. The Mirage. The Second Flood). Born in Libya in 1952, Al-Ja'aki worked as a journalist from 1980 to 1984 and has had his work published in local newspapers. Inspired and influenced by the well-known Libyan novelist, Ibrahim Al-Koni, Al-Ja'aki writes using a compact style of short carefully worked sentences.
"This bilingual reader is ideal for those who would like to read some contemporary Arabic literature albeit in translation, intermediate to advanced students of Arabic who are looking to improve their reading skills and widen their literary vocabulary and native Arabic readers who are keen to improve their English. The collection features stories in both English and Arabic, prefaced by a brief author biography. It is the hope that the suggested translations will be of interest both for native Arabic speakers wishing to improve their reading and translation skills as well as for native English speakers looking to develop their familiarity with literary Arabic".
Ali Almanna
Associate Professor of Linguistics and Translation, Sohar University
Mohammed J. Zagood is an assistant professor of Contrastive Linguistics and Translation Studies at El-Mergib University, Libya. He holds a PhD degree from the University of Durham, UK. Mohammed's research interests include contrastive linguistics and English/Arabic translation and interpreting.
Fred Pragnell holds an MA (Hons) in Modern Languages and is a Chartered Linguist. He has published a range of course books and readers for learning Latin, Greek and Arabic.
ISBN 9783862888344. LINCOM Bilingual Readers 03. 156pp. 2017.

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