LSRL 86: Varieties of Linguistic Meaning in Galician

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Varieties of Linguistic Meaning in Galician
Xosé Rosales Sequeiros
Qatar University
This book focuses on semantics and in particular non-truth-conditional meaning in Galician. It covers a range of topics in this area and discusses previous approaches to the study of non- truth-conditional meaning in the language, such as Speech Act theory and Gricean conventional implicatures.
The study shows that previous approaches to non-truth-conditional meaning fall short of providing an explanatory account of this type of meaning in Galician, as they fail to offer a comprehensive and unified theory of linguistic semantics. Moreover, they are shown to be insufficient, and often not even necessary, in explaining linguistic semantics in general and non-truth-conditional meaning in particular in the language.
The study explores an alternative approach by integrating new advances in the discipline applied to Galician. It develops a unified and explanatory account of linguistic semantics by considering two key contrasts. One is the contrast between conceptual and procedural meaning, and the other between explicit and implicit communication. These contrasts interact with different levels of representation available in linguistic communication to enable us to account for the heterogeneous nature of linguistic meaning in the language.
The discussion encompasses a range of linguistic categories, including sentence adverbials and parentheticals, discourse and pragmatic connectives, discourse particles and interjections, and mood indicators (imperative and interrogative) in Galician. The study argues that the analysis of these categories provides evidence for the alternative account developed here based on the interaction between different types of meaning and communication, which in this study is applied to different areas of Galician language.
ISBN 9783969390818 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Romance Linguistics 86. 179pp. 2021.
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