LSRL 84: Sound Change in Romance: Phonetic and Phonological Issues

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Sound Change in Romance: Phonetic and Phonological Issues
Daniel Recasens & Fernando Sánchez-Miret (eds.)
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona / Institut d’Estudis Catalans; Universidad de Salamanca
The nine papers included in this book investigate a variety of topics on sound change in several Romance languages (French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, and Romanian) using different sources of evidence and several methodologies. This collection of papers contributes significantly to our knowledge about the inception and diffusion of sound change and the typological factors which constrain their implementation. The book should be of particular interest to phoneticians and phonologists insofar as, among other issues, it deals with patterns of syllable structure, degree of stability of vowel contrasts, and preference for certain consonant sequences and sound replacements over others.
Giovanni Abete
How phonotactic patterns contribute to the emergence and spread of /r/ metathesis in Neapolitan
Anita Berit Hansen
Parisian French “unstable e” in word-initial syllables – engaged in a lexically diffused process of stabilization? Evidence from repeated real-time studies
Mikołaj Nkollo
Empty and non-empty onsets in European Portuguese preverbal accusative clitic pronouns. A corpus-based inquiry into a diachronic sound change
Rosalba Nodari/Silvia Calamai
Degemination in marginal Tuscan speech: temporal analysis in legacy speech data
Daniel Recasens
The historical evolution of voiced palatoalveolar fricatives and affricates in Catalan
Margaret E. L. Renwick
Mid vowel variation and contrast in regional Standard Italian
Assumpció Rost Bagudanch
First considerations about /n/ flapping in the evolution of Spanish
John M. Ryan
Open syllable drift and the evolution of Classical Latin open and closed syllable structure into Spanish, Italian and Neapolitan
Fernando Sánchez-Miret
Elision of the definite article -/l/ in Romanian: setting out the issues.
ISBN 9783969390610 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Romance Linguistics 84. 217pp. 2021.
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