LDLL 02: 3501 Plautdietsch Verbs

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3501 Plautdietsch Verbs

fully conjugated in all the tenses
alphabetically arranged

Eldo Neufeld

“The idea of collecting plautdietsch verbs for conjugation, arose in my mind about ten years ago, and occurred in the following way: I had then just recently become aware that a fellow Plautdietsch speaker had written two books some years previously: “The History of Low German & Plautdietsch,” and “The Spelling of Low German & Plautdietsch.”

Plautdietsch is my mother tongue. The two titles mentioned awakened me from a long slumber of 50 years (between my 20th and 70th years), during which I had not used Plautdietsch at all, but had allowed it to fall into disuse while pursuing my education. After studying those two books thoroughly, it struck me that I had allowed a precious heritage not only to lie dormant, but had virtually contributed to its demise. I felt sure that if I sat down and began to write, the words would begin to come. Once I began, I realized that to write anything, one needs to know something of verb forms. That lead me to begin the collecting of some very common Plautdietsch verbs, and then tentatively to conjugating them. I began compiling lists of Plautdietsch verbs from every possible source and then to conjugating them.

As seen by the title of this work, the total list has swelled to 3,500 fully conjugated Plautdietsch verbs. This publication would prove to be a gold mine for anyone wishing to write in Plautdietsch.” (Eldo Neufeld, March 2009)

ISBN 9783929075830. LINCOM Digital Language Library 02. 3501pp on CD (pdf). 2009.

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