LINTC 01: Kabba Folk Tales

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Kabba Folk Tales

Rosmarie Moser (ed.)

These Kabba folk stories have been recorded in the Central African Republic in 1998. They were told by gifted Kabba storytellers to a mixed audience of adults and children. Jean-Pierre Dingatoloum transcribed them. A number of different Kabba speakers, translated them into French. Rosmarie Moser translated them into English and Knut Olawsky into German.

Traditional folktales play an important educational role in African societies. They express cultural values through metaphorical narratives and the personification of animals and mythical creatures. They contain covert meanings and messages and they are both amusing and thought-provoking.

Rosmarie Moser is the author of “Kabba: A Nilo-Saharan Language of the Central African Republic” (2004), and the compiler with Jean-Pierre Dingatoloum of the “Kabba-English-French Dictionary” (2007). Both were published by Lincom Europa.


1. The Dog and the Hen
2. The Pig
3. The Frog
by Anicet Bondeï

4. The Bat
5. The Orphan
6. The Snake
by Arsène Gelko

7. The Lion and the Rat
by Wali Baro

8. The Lizard and the Dog
9. The Hunter and the Alligator
10. Komberiom and the Leper
by Clément Béti

11. Esu and Enjamgotoje
by Daniel Tabe

12.Majiram and his Peanuts
13. The Girls and the Lions
14. The Thief and the Hyena
15. Kerputu the Liar
16. A Mother and her Son
by Constant Maïde

17. The Frog and the Girl
by Ernest Depassem

18. The Magical Bird
by Esther Degoto

19. The Leopard, the Dog and the Squirrel
20. The Goat and the Thieves
21. The Fulani Girl
22. The Tortoise and the Toad
23. The Pig and the Tortoise
24. The Dog, the Goat and the Sheep
by Jean-Pierre Dingatoloum

25. The Dog and the Alligator
by Luc Lambate

26. Esu and the the Wasp 1
by Lydie Tambe

27. Esu and the Hare
by Elysée Tambe

28. Esu and the Bee
by Samson Binemon

29. The Hare and the Pig
30. Esu and the the Wasp 2
31. Esu and the Elephant
32. Yaïta and His Sister
33. The Hand and the Foot
34. The Hare and the Hyena
by Narcisse Djaïn

ISBN 9783929075205. LINCOM Text Collections 01. 574 pp. 2009.

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