TLB 05: Recherches fonctionelles et structurales 2009

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Recherches fonctionelles et structurales 2009

Bohumil Vykypĕl & Vít Boček (eds.)
Academy of Sciences, Brno

The main topic of the present volume is the Prague School. In his general paper, B. Vykypĕl asks “What is the Prague School?” In an appendix, answers to this question by prominent contemporary linguists (Bybee, Comrie, Givón, Langacker, Mel’čuk and others) are published. O. Sládek treats the activity of the representatives of the Prague theory of literature and art in exile (“The Prague School in the United States”). V. Boček deals with the relationship of E. Coseriu and the Prague typology (“Bemerkungen zur Prager Typologie und der integralen Typologie”). I. Vasiljev has applied the Prague typology to description of Vietnamese (“The type of Vietnamese”).

T. Vykypĕlová treats, from the point of view of the Prague phonology, the problem of syllabic liquids (“Zu den silbenbildenden Liquiden in den slawischen Sprachen”). L. Zajícová investigates the contact of Czech and Spanish in Paraguay (“Grammatical changes in Czech spoken by the immigrant community in Paraguay: first examples”). Finally, unpublished letters of R. Jakobson to his first wife are edited by P. Kuldanová.

ISBN 9783895869259. Travaux linguistiques de Brno 05. 172pp. 2009.

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