LSASL 75: Turkish - Azerbaijani Dictionary of Interlingual Homonyms and Paronyms

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Turkish - Azerbaijani Dictionary of Interlingual Homonyms and Paronyms

Vügar Sultanzade
Mediterranean University in North Cyprus

Edited by Javanshir Shibliyev

Although mutual intelligibility between Turkish and Azerbaijani is extremely high, it is possible to observe differences in the use of homonymous words. Interlingual homonyms are words and idioms which are identical in form but different in meaning. Interlingual paronyms are like homonyms. They are etymologically related words, which have slight differences in form and have different meanings. Interlingual homonyms and paronyms are thought to be the most problematic words for translators, they are often named “translator’s false friends”.

As the issue of such words between Turkish and Azerbaijani has not been subjected to comprehensive investigations, the aim of this dictionary is to fill this gap and present challenging material for the study of diachronic and interference problems between Oghuz languages.

The book consists of the preface, the dictionary part and appendixes. Preface focuses on the main reasons that interlingual homonyms and paronyms emerge. In the dictionary part, a large number of interlingual homonyms and paronyms have been subjected to comprehensive analysis. Appendix I contains the list of verbs which have one and the same meaning but different argument structures in Turkish and Azerbaijani. Appendix II provides index of interlingual homonyms and paronyms.

The dictionary can serve as a valuable source for linguists who are interested in Turkic languages, both synchronically and diachronically.

Vügar Sultanzade earned his Ph.D. from the Institute of Linguistics, Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences in 1992 and worked at the same Institute until 1998. In 1998-1999, he worked at the Research Center of the International Ahmet Yesevi University in Ankara. Since 2000, V. Sultanzade has been working as an associate professor at Eastern Mediterranean University in North Cyprus. He has carried out several research projects at Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet, Mainz, at Freie Universitaet, Berlin and at University California, Santa Cruz (USA).

ISBN 9783895866784. LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 75. 184pp. 2009.

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