LW/TL 03: Huzhu Mongghul Folklore

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Huzhu Mongghul Folklore

Limusishiden & Kevin Stuart
Qinghai Medical College, Qinghai Junior Teachers' College

China's Monguor (Tu) nationality, classified as one of China's fifty-six official ethnic groups, lives in the east-central portion of Northwest China's Qinghai Province. For the first time, wedding songs, funeral lamentations, folktales, jokes and riddles, and other songs are presented in the Mongghul written system (based on a modified pinyin system), English translation and extensive notes. The 57,000 Huzhu Mongghul (1990) are the largest Monguor group, speaking a language with many links to Mongol and greatly influenced by Tibetan culture, especially in the religious arena. Map, illustrations.

ISBN 9783895862564. Languages of the World/ Text Library 03. 270pp. 2001.

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