LINGram 31: The Siwi Language

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The Siwi Language

W. Seymour Walker

The Oasis of Siwa - the most westerly of the oases of Egypt - its people, and their speech, have been so long objects of interest and speculation to the outside world. The author has devoted much time and labour, under difficult circumstances, to the compiling of the Grammar and vocabularies of the Siwi language hitherto practically unknown.

C. V. Stanley, in 1911, and shortly later, J. Quibell, of the Cairo Museum, came to the conclusion that Siwi was Touareg or closely allied to it. (adapted from from the forword and introduction). The Ethnologue (2009) classifies Siwi as “Afro-Asiatic, Berber, Eastern, Siwa - not closely related to other Berber languages”. Contents: Introduction, abbrev-iations, the accidence (transliteration and pronunciation, accent, the article, the noun-substantive, the noun-adjective, gender, number, numerals, the pronoun, the verb, the preposition, declension, the adverb, the conjunction, the exclamations and interjections), on the concordance of the verb. Appen-dices.

This re-edition has been published as no. 31 in the LINCOM Gramatica (LINGram) series (originally published 1921, London: Kegan Paul, Tench, Trubner & Co., Ltd., written in English)

ISBN 9783895862489. LINCOM Gramatica 31. 99pp. 2010.

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