LINGram 13: The Basque Language

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The Basque Language

W.J. Van Eys

The Basque language, spoken in our days on both slopes of the Pyrenean Mountains, stands as yet absolutely isolated,but belongs to the agglutinative languages. There are six principal dialects, differing little the one from the other, from a philological point of view, but differing enough in their extreme varieties to make the one with difficulty intelligible to the other. These dialects are, the Biscaian, the Guipuzcoan, the Labourdin, the Souletin, the Navarrese, and the Low-Navarrese.

The original Basque alphabet is unknown, but it may possibly be found one day in the so-called Keltiberian inscriptions. The Latin alphabet has been adopted, with some slight differences.

Contents: The Basque Language, the alphabet, the phonetic system, the definite article, the noun, the suffixes, the pronouns, the numerals, the verb, the adverb and conjunctions, syntax, literal translation (Re-edition; originally published 1883 in London; written in English).

ISBN 9783895861970. LINCOM Gramatica 13. 66pp. 2010.

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