LSLT 28: Typology of Quantification

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Typology of Quantification

On Quantifiers and Quantification in Finnish and Languages Spoken in the Central Volga–Kama Region

Pirkko Suihkonen & Valery Solovyev (editors)
University of Helsinki

The main goal of the international project “Typology of quantification: On quantifiers and quantification in Finnish and languages spoken in the Central Volga–Kama Region” has been to investigate the types of lexical quantifiers in noun and adverbial phrases and syntactic and semantic constraints at the phrase level based on or caused by quantification. A secondary goal has been to prepare material which can be used in investigating quantification in these languages. The parallel data base prepared during the project consists of examples of lexical quantifiers in various syntactic contexts. The sample sentences are glossed morphologically and translated into English. Typology of lexical quantifiers forms the framework for the project. More detailed descriptions of syntax and semantics of lexical quantifiers of Finnish, Russian, Udmurt, Erzya, Tatar and Chuvash are provided in the articles and material on these languages. It will be shown that some basic syntactic and semantic properties characterizing quantification are central to developing a typology of quantifiers and quantification.

Keywords: lexical quantifiers, quantification, semantics, syntax, typology, Central Volga–Kama Region, Russian, Finnish, Erzya, Udmurt, Tatar, Chuvash, parallel data base.


Pirkko Suihkonen & Valery Solovyev

Introduction Pirkko Suihkonen & Valery Solovyev


Aspects on quantifiers and quantification
Pirkko Suihkonen

Quantifiers in Russian
Valery Solovyev & Dmitry Egorov

Quantifier constructions with the preposition iz. Description, based on data on Russian national corpora
Valery Solovyev & Dmitry Egorov

On quantification in Finnish
Pirkko Suihkonen

On quantification in the Erzya language
Jack Rueter

On quantification in Udmurt
Pirkko Suihkonen

Quantifiers of the Tatar language
Gulshat Galiullina, Alfiya Yusupova & Gul'nara Mansurova

On the typology of quantifiers and quantification in Finnish and languages spoken in the Central Volga–Kama Region: a summary
Pirkko Suihkonen

Appendix I. Phoneme systems of Russian, Finnish, Erzya, Udmurt, Tatar and Chuvash, and transliteration of the Cyrillic orthographies to the Latin-1 characters.

Appendix II. Lexical in English, Russian, Finnish, Erzya, Udmurt, Tatar and Chuvash.
Table 1. Examples from lexical quantifiers in English.

Table 2. Lexical quantifiers in Russian.
Valery Solovyev & Dmitry Egorov

Table 3. Lexical quantifiers in Finnish.
Pirkko Suihkonen

Table 4. Lexical quantifiers in Erzya Mordvin.
Jack Rueter & Olga Erina

Table 5. Lexical Quantifiers in Udmurt.
Pirkko Suihkonen & Natalja Kondrateva

Table 6. Lexical quantifiers in Tatar.
Gulshat Galiullina, Alfiya Yusupova & Gul‘nara Mansurova

Table 7. Lexical quantifiers in Chuvash.

Appendix III. Quantifiers and Quantification in Finnish and Languages Spoken in the Central Volga–Kama Region. Material from Russian, Finnish, Erzya, Udmurt, Tatar and Chuvash, glossed and translated into English.
A parallel data base.

On the parallel data base.

Pirkko Suihkonen

Material from Russian.
Translations: Bibinur Zaguljaeva & Dmitry Egorov Glossing: Dmitry Egorov & Valery Solovyev

Material from Finnish.
The translations from English into Finnish and morphological analysis:
Pirkko Suihkonen

Material from Erzya.
Translations from English into Erzya: Jack Rueter & Olga Erina Morphological analysis:
Jack Rueter

Material from Udmurt.
Translations from Finnish into Udmurt: Valej Kel'makov &Natalja Kondrateva. Morphological analyzis:
Pirkko Suihkonen & Natalja Kondrateva

Material from Tatar.
Translations from Russian into Tatar and the morphological analyzis:
Gulshat Galiullina, Alfiya Yusupova & Gul’nara Mansurova Preliminary versions of some Tatar translations: Bibinur Zaguljaeva

Material from Chuvash.
The preliminary version of the translation from Finnish into Russian:
Bibinur Zaguljaeva

Translation from Russian into Chuvash:
Roza Begunova, Eduard Fomin, Alena Ivanova & Albina Kiran Transcribed, checked and analyzed by Andreas N. Waibel

ISBN 9783895861659 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Language Typology 28. 400pp. 2013.

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