Studies in Kimberley Languages in Honour of Howard Coate

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Studies in Kimberley Languages in Honour of Howard Coate

William McGregor (ed.)

Preface. Map of Kimberley Languages. William McGregor: Introduction.
Part 1: Descriptive Studies in Kimberley Aboriginal Languages.
Kate Burrudge: Yulparija sketch grammar.
Anthony Rex Peile: Kukatja botanical terms and concepts.
David Nash: Pronominal clitic variation in the Yapa languages: some historical speculations.
Alan Rumsey: On some relationships among person, number and mode in Bunuba.
Stephen Powell Roberts: Pronouns and the elsewhere principle
William McGrgegor: The pronominal system of Goonoyandi and Bumbuba.
Bronwyn Stokes: The top ten Nyulnyulan verb roots: further evidence for language classification.
Wilfred H. Douglas: Alphabetising Bardi.
Chester S. Street: Tense, aspect and mood in Murrinh-Patha.
Michael Walsh: Nouns and verbs: a category squsih in Murrinh-Patha (Northern Australia).
Part 2: Textual Studies
Ray Keoch: The nature and interpretation of Aboriginal song texts: the case of Nulru.
Erich Kolig: Aboriginal world view and oral traditions: the case of myth versus history.
Peter Lucich: The structures of narrative and dream in northern Australia.

ISBN 9783895860546. 350pp.

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