LSAL 06: Bantu Phonology and Morphology

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Bantu Phonology and Morphology

Francis Katamba (ed.)

Lancaster University

The collection brings together up-to-date descriptive and theoretical studies of important topics in the phonology and morphology of Bantu languages. Each chapter provides an in-depth treatment of an aspect of an individual language, or a small group of languages. But the issues dealt with are of general importance.

Al Mtenje, University of Malawi, Tone shift, accent and domains in Bantu: the case of Chichewa
Laura J. Downing, U of Pennsylvania, The metrical domain of register raising in Jita: An optimality approach
Lupenga Mphande, The Ohio State U & Curtis Rice, University of Tromsø, Chitumbuka ideophones
Scott Myers, U of Texas at Austin, The phonological word in Shona
David Odden, Ohio State U, Phonology at the phrasel level in Bantu
Ngessimo M. Mutaka ,U of Yaoundé, Prosodic circumscription of morphological domains: The case of Kinande verbal forms

ISBN 9783895860331. LINCOM Studies in African Linguistics 06. 110pp. 1995.

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