LSEL 21: Phonetics and Cognitive Linguistics in Pakistani English (Pinglish)

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Phonetics and Cognitive Linguistics in Pakistani English (Pinglish)
Abdul Malik Abbasi
& Mansoor Ahmed Channa
SMI University, Karachi; QA University Nawab Shah
This book of Linguistics is based on the collection of carefully chosen quality research studies in the fields of Experimental Phonetics and Cognitive Linguistics coupled with English Language Teaching & Learning  aspects. The entire study is an offshoot of two doctoral dissertations i.e., two broad fields in Linguistics to enlighten the minds of the students of Linguistics in Pakistan. It begins with experimental phonetics through Cognitive to Meta-cognitive strategies in reading comprehension; followed by speech anxiety factors of second language learning and its impact on the performance of second language learners.
In addition, the book has been divided into 8 chapters. Chapters 1-3 contain phonetic & phonological aspects of American Sindhi Word Stress, elements of phonological aspects & the perceptual study of phonological variations in Pinglish (PaKE). Chapters 4-5   are founded on the meta-cognitive strategies used in reading comprehension. Chapters 6-8 contain English communication skills of university students, speech anxiety aspects in terms of learning, social and academic impact on second language learning, writing and Teaching Methods in ELT. This compact book further spells out the conceptual understanding of Linguistics in the Pakistani context which will surely be helpful for the students of linguistics from BS/MS English Linguistics to Ph.D. Linguistics. 
Abdul Malik, Masood Akhter, Mansoor Ahmed & Stephen John
Word Stress Awareness and Native Speakers
Ajab Ali, Ghulam Mustafa, Abdul Malik, Quratulain Talpur
Motivation to Learn English
Abdul Malik, Habibullah, Mansoor Ahmed
Experimental Phonology
Abdul Malik, Mansoor Ahmed, Innayatullah, Rida Ali, Misbeh Mehmood
Phonological Variations in Pakistani English
Abdul Malik, Sarmad Hussain
Syllable Structure and Syllabification in Sindhi-English Loanwords
Abdul Malik, Mansoor Ahmed, Masood Akhtar, Stephen John, Irtaza Ahmed, Kamlesh Kumar
Acoustical Elements of Speech Sounds in Pinglish (Pake)
Abdul Malik, Mansoor Ahmed, Stephen John, Masood Akhter, Rabia Anwar
An Acoustic Examination of Pinglish and American Vowels
Abdul Malik & Sarmad Hussain
Phonetic Correlates of Lexical Stress in Indo-Aryan Language
Abdul Malik, Sarmad Hussain
The Role of Pitch between Stress and Intonation
Muneeb-u-Rehman, Abdul Malik Abbasi, Ajab Ali Lashari
Speech Variations in Pinglish-Singaporean English
Mansoor Ahmed, Zaimuariffudin Shukrirdin, Abdul Malik
Developing Reading Comprehension through Cognitive Strategies
Zaimuariffudin Shukri, Mansoor Ahmed, Abdul Malik
A Quatitative Research and Reading Comprehension through Metacognitive Strategies
Mansoor Ahmed, Abdul Malik, Stephen John, Jam Khan Mohammad,
Masood Akhtar & Zaimuariffudin Shukri
Reading Comprehension and Metacognitive Strategies
Mansoor Ahmed, Zaimuariffudin Shukri, Abdul Malik
Metacognitive Scaffolding in Reading Comprehension
Mansoor Ahmed, Abdul Malik, Zaimuariffudin Shukri, Jam Muhammad, Rubina Shaheen
Metacognitive Strategies to Reading Comprehension
Abdul Malik, Samreen Riaz, Alia Farooqui, Stephon John
Speech Anxiety & its Impact on Learning
Abdul Malik, Aaiman Khalil, Stephon John
Second Language Learners & Academic Anxiety
Ali Hussain, Faizan Ali, Abdul Malik
Exploring Spoken Abitities of Pinglish Speakers
Abdul Malik, Mansoor Ahmed, Riaz Ahmed, Urooj Hanif
Investigation of English Communication Skills of University Students
Abdul Malik, Murtaza Ali, Ajab Ali, Muhammad Kamil
The Content Analysis of Bullying Tweets of Donald Trump
Master Hamza, Rooman Khan, Abdul Malik
An Error Analysis of English Paragraphs
Abdul Malik Abbasi
Teaching Methods in Second Language Learning
Masood Akhtar, Abdul Malik, Tariq Umrani
A Contrastive Analysis of English Language Teaching Methods
ISBN 9783862902101. LINCOM Studies in English Linguistics 21. 268pp. 2020.
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