LGVC 01: Basic Spanish Verbs (e-book)

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Basic Spanish Verbs
Conjugation and Use
María Pilar Larrañaga
University of Wuppertal
Basic Spanish Verbs (previously published in German) is a reference book that displays the full conjugation of the most frequent irregular and a few challenging regular verbs such as creer-crear, proveer-prever, or faltar-gustar. Its double-sided presentation and graphic design for both conjugation and usage stand out and makes this book extremely informative and user-friendly.
The verb usage includes issues linked to the gamut of meanings, combinations with prepositions, choice of clauses, combinations with modals and pronominal subjects as well as objects illustrated with examples and their translations into English. A few useful expressions and proverbs close the page. The book concludes with a table with imperatives, gerunds and participles as well as a glossary of more than 400 verbs.
LINCOM Guides to Verb Conjugation 01. 154 pp. 2020.
ISBN 9783962060374 (print).
ISBN 9783862902019 (e-book, pdf).
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