LINAm 02: The Morphology of the Hupa Language

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The Morphology of the Hupa Language

Pliny Earle Goddard

The Hupa are a small community isolated in their home by the surrounding mountains. The valley which bears their name is in Humboldt county, California, on the Trinity river a few miles above its confluence with the Klamath. They number now about 450. The older people speak their own language chiefly, the younger all employ the Hupa language in their home life, but have a good command of English for their intercourse with white people.

The Hupa language belongs the Athapascan stock, however it differs widely from the other languages of this stock. In the presentation of the morphological facts the number of examples has not been limited, that the conclusions drawn may be easily and quickly justified, and that material may be available for comparative studies. Little regard has been paid to the terms and forms of formal grammar, since they tend to obscure the facts of a language in many respects quite different from those to which they were originally applied (adopted from the introduction).

Contents: Nouns (classified according to form and lentgh, monosyllabic with possessive prefix, polysyllabic without descriptive meaning, verbs as nouns, etc), pronouns, numerals, adjectives, verbs (classified and structure), roots listed in alphabetic order, suffixes, etc. (Re-edition; originally published 1905 in Berkeley; written in English).

ISBN 978 3 86290 117 3. LINCOM Americana 02. 344pp. 2011.

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