LSTr 10: Functional Equivalence in the Translation of Informative Texts

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Functional Equivalence in the Translation of Informative Texts
The case of the Luhya cluster of Languages in Mulembe FM Newscasts
Benard Angatia Mudogo
Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology
This book reports a study applying functional approaches in the analysis and assessment of translating an informative text, with specific reference to translations between English and Luhya. It focuses on how to maintain the Source Language function in the translation – where several varieties of the same macro-Language are involved – and on how to assess the relevance and applicability of the individual translation and translator as measured by data from an informative text. The book starts with an overview of the specific challenges of English-Luhya translation, which shows the need for using applicable word level strategies in the translation of Mulembe FM radio newscasts. It then illustrates how deal with categories of Target Language non-equivalence in English-Luhya translation. The author therefore investigates the distinguishable “fingerprints” of the Luhya translators of  Mulembe FM  radio newscasts  through scrutinizing the data uncovered by corpus tools, taking into consideration each translator’s individual  strategies  alongside any detectable motivations pertaining to their linguistic knowledge  and  the functional relevance and applicability of the translated versions to the target language audience. Functional approaches can help us to evaluate whether equivalent features are or are not present in the translations of an informative text.
ISBN 9783862900510.  LINCOM Studies in Translation 10. 244pp. 2020.
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