LW/D 68: Alto Perené-Español-English

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Alto Perené-Español-English
A trilingual illustrated thematic dictionary of Alto Perené (Arawak) of Peru
Elena Mihas
James Cook University
with the assistance of Gregorio Santos Pérez
Alto Perené speakers reside in the foothills of the eastern Andes and the western fringe of the Amazonian jungle of Peru. The highly endangered language is spoken by about three hundred people. There are a few hundred more people with varying degrees of proficiency in the language. This trilingual dictionary is a result of eight years of the author’s fieldwork in the Native community located in Chanchamayo Province of Peru.
The dictionary is produced in close collaboration with fifty native speakers. It collects and preserves the most critical culture-specific information about the community’s traditional ways of living. The introductory prefaces in Spanish and English present a brief linguistic profile of the language. The dictionary provides glossaries in English and Spanish and links to online materials. It contains over 900 entries which are amply illustrated by natural language data from field recordings, and by numerous drawings and photographs. The readership includes Alto Perené learners, bilingual teachers, linguists and anthropologists.
ISBN 9783862888474 (Hardbound). Languages of the World/Dictionaries 68. 194 pp. ca. 120 photographs and drawings. 2017.
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