LSNAL 79: Tense/aspect/mood systems of Cholan-Tseltalan Mayan languages

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Tense/aspect/mood systems of Cholan-Tseltalan Mayan languages
Igor Vinogradov
Institute of Linguistics, Russian Academy of Sciences
This book is dedicated to the synchronic morphosyntactic and semantic analysis of the grammatical tense/aspect/mood (TAM) systems in five modern Cholan-Tseltalan languages of the Mayan family: Chol, Chontal, Ch’orti’, Tseltal and Tsotsil. It is argued that the distinction between the grammatical core and the grammatical periphery is relevant for the analysis of the formal structure of a verbal grammatical system in these languages. The grammatical core is represented by a set of grammatical categories: obligatory paradigms of mutually exclusive grams and their respective markers. Besides the grammatical core, there is also a heterogeneous grammatical periphery that consists of different “semi-grammatical” elements that modify the meaning expressed by the grammatical categories.
The book contains five chapters, and the conclusion. The introductory chapter comprises general information about Cholan-Tseltalan languages and introduces the methodology and theoretical background of this study. Chapter 2 discusses the formal structure of grammatical TAM systems in each individual language of the subgroup. It is argued that, in spite of the close genetic relation, these structures differ significantly, due to the different patterns of internal evolution and to the intense areal contacts with neighboring languages. Chapter 3 analyzes the morphosyntactic properties of the grammatical “periphery”. The two next chapters provide a lengthy semantic description of TAM markers and categories. Chapter 4 is focused on the temporal and aspectual semantic domains, while Chapter 5 deals with the modal semantic zone, discussing the categories of mood and reality status.
ISBN 9783862887484 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Native American Linguistics 79. 216pp. 2016.
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