LSTr 07: Culguage in/of Translation from Arabic

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Culguage in/of Translation from Arabic

Said Faiq, Ovidi Carbonell & Ali Almanna (eds.)
American University of Sharjah, University of Salamanca, University of Nizwa

Although, representations of ‘weak’ cultures by ‘powerful’ ones in negative terms have been part of the scheme of history, no culture has been misrepresented and deformed by mostly Western cultures like the Arab/Islamic one. As intercultural communication, translation assumes a considerable role in the encounters between different cultures and their respective languages. Approached as such, translation and issues of nation, identity, language, and culture have never been more important or more troubling to intercultural encounters than they are today. As representation, translation requires linguistic tools (language) and the system that guides these tools in the first place (culture). Thus, translation is representation of culguages (a blend from culture and language) through a particular master discourse.

Cultural representation through translation has received attention, but there is still a mostly dispersed body of literature on the field and its allied areas. Within this theoretical context, this volume contributes to the critical approaches to translation from Arabic into mostly Western culguages. The volume is structured in two parts, namely ‘a topoied culture’ and ‘Islamic discourse’. Under both sections, the chapters address the relationships between the culture of translation and the translation of culture by considering the problematics of how the culture of translation is brought to bear on the ways translation animates the ‘inter’ in intercultural contacts.


Part 1: A Topoied culture

Said Faiq: Culguage in/of Translation from Arabic

Ovidi Carbonell: Topoi and argumentative fallacies as legitimising devices in the translation of Arabic political discourse

Mustafa Ettobi: Culture, Ideology and Discourse in the Translation of NajībMahfūz’sAwlādHāratināinto English and French

Dalal Mahmoud ElGemei: Translation of Deception or Deception in Translation: A Cognitive-Pragmatic Based study of deception in translation

Hannah Amit-Kochavi: Selective presentation - Arabic-Hebrew literary translation anthologies and collections (1883-2010)

Michael Hall: Discourse Analysis of Fictional Dialogue in Arabic to English Translation

Part 2: Islamic Discourse

Patrick J. D’Silva: Social Agency and Translating the Qur’an: The Case of Laleh Bakhtiar’s The Sublime Qur’an and 4:34

Ahmed Saleh Elimam: The Translation of the Qur’an: Different Loyalties

Hasan Ghazala: Over-scrupulousness Distorts Communication: A Critique of Al-Hilali and Khan's 'Transpretation' of the Holy Koran

Gavin N. Picken: Interpreting the Transcendent Experience: Translating Classical Sufi Texts


ISBN 9783862885848. LINCOM Studies in Translation 07. 199pp. 2014.

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