LSCOM 09: Christians against the Ethnics

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Christians against the Ethnics

Georgios Alexandropoulos
University of Athens

Georgios Alexandropoulos’ new bookChristians against the Ethnicsis based on the idea of defining and studying the rhetorical and linguistic practice of three speakers, Athenagoras, Tatian and Justin Martyr, who express their disagreement with the Ethnics. Until now in literature review we can find several traditional studies concerning byzantine classical texts, which are based on the Aristotelian concept of rhetoric.

In this book the author tries to define some elements of their rhetorical practice as the most frequent words, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, lexical bundles, rhetorical structure and intertextualistic sources using linguistic theories, models and computational tools.This can give us the chance to learn more about byzantine rhetoric.

ISBN 9783862885596. LINCOM Studies in Communication 09. 154pp. 2014.

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