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Studies on Grammaticalization and Lexicalization

Estudos de Gramaticalização e Lexicalização

José Pinto de Lima
Universidade de Lisboa

Preface by Christian Lehmann

This book includes twelve papers that deal with grammaticalization (and, subsidiarily, lexicalization) phenomena. It is divided in five parts. In the first part, the peculiar process that has led to the emergence of the Portuguese concessive conjunction embora ('although') is depicted and the question of the use of the subjunctive with concessive clauses is discussed; also, there is a study of the emergence of Pt. mal as a temporal conjunction, in a process that, apparently, does not agree with the normal grammaticalization cline.

The subject of the second part is the periphrastic future: in a theoretical paper, it is argued that concepts such as metaphor and metonymy are not really adequate to explain the change of Eng. go from full verb to future auxiliary; a second paper discusses the emergence of the Portuguese verb ir as a future auxiliary. Part III focuses on the related phenomena of subjectification and pragmaticalization, as exemplified by the development of Pt. pois into a phatic marker and by the way a conditional clause of Portuguese gave rise to an adverb of epistemic modality. Evidentiality makes up part IV, which features contrastive analyses of German and Portuguese verbs that have developed evidential readings, namely Ger. scheinen, drohen and versprechen, and Pt. parecer, ameaçar and prometer. Finally, part V includes two papers which broadly have to do with the formation of new grammatical paradigms: one is about the passive construction with Pt. ver ('see') and the other about Portuguese complex prepositions.

ISBN 9783862885169. LINCOM Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 53. 218pp. 2014.

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