LPLC 01: Basic Georgian (2nd ed.)

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Basic Georgian

Tamar Makharoblidze
Tbilisi State University

"BASIC GEORGIAN" by Professor Tamar Makharoblidze is a book of practical Georgian for non-linguists. It's an intensive course of the Georgian Language, which has 28 lessons with vocabulary, grammar, texts and exercises for each lesson, the information about conjugation system and verb conjugation samples; common phrases; translated texts of the lessons; the keys to the exercises and a list of content.

There is also an introduction with general information about Georgia and some additional information with common phrases. This book makes available to study Georgian easily, step by step disclosing the poly-personal verbal grammar in a very easy way. This is a result orientated practical textbook.

ISBN 9783862884674. LINCOM Practical Language Courses 01. 364pp. 2013. 2nd edition.

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