LINAm 25: Sarsi Texts

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Sarsi Texts

Pliny Earle Goddard

The Sarsi are an Athapascan-speaking group of Indians who have been closely associated with the Northern Blackfoot of Alberta since the earliest historical referenceto either tribe in 1754. There are no traditions of a trustworthy nature which connect the Sarsi definitely with any other Athapascan tribe. Linguistically all the northern Athapascan east of the Rocky Mountains except the Sarsi and the Beaver on Peace River have certain sound shifts not shared with the latter two languages. The Sarsi and Beaver, however, are hardly mutually intelligible, although both show relationsships with other languages of British Columbia. The texts presented here were collected during the summer of 1905.

The larger number of these texts were revised 1911 with the aid of Charlie Crowchief, who was the interpreter used in obtaining them originally. Many of the texts were also traced with the Rousselot apparatus from his dictation. The publication of the texts is for the purpose of furnishing material for phonetic and grammatical study .

(re-edition; originaly published 1915, Berkeley; written in English).

ISBN 9783862881437. LINCOM Americana 25. 95pp. 2011.

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