LW/T 35: Interlinearized Texts in Bhujel

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Interlinearized Texts in Bhujel

Dan Raj Regmi
Tribhuvan University, Nepal

This book presents thirty-three interlinearized oral texts in Bhujel, a seriously endangered Tibeto-Burman language spoken by 21,715 (i.e. 18.30%) of the 1,18,650 ethnic Bhujel. This language is primarily spoken in some villages of Tanahun, Gorkha, Nawalparasi and Chitwan districts in Western Development Region of Nepal.

These texts represent different dimensions of the life of the Bhujel speech community: origin, history, culture, traditions, profession, folk tales, legends and daily activities. Such texts, in this book, first, are transcribed phonetically. Secondly, each word in the texts is broken into morphemes. Thirdly, each morpheme is provided interlinear morpheme translations (glosses).

Fourthly, each example or text is provided free translation in English. Apart from such texts, the book also provides some basic information about the language and the speech community. This book is intended to be used by the linguists as well as ethnolinguists wishing to study the language in relation to the culture and traditions.

This book is organized into three chapters. Chapter 1 provides some background information about the language and the people. Chapter 2 presents the interlinearized texts in the language. Chapter 3 presents summary and conclusion.

The author, Dr. Dan Raj Regmi, is Professor and Head of Central Department of Linguistics, Tribhuvan University, Nepal and has specialized in Tibeto-Burman linguistics, linguistic typology, sociolinguistic survey and documentation of the languages of Nepal.

ISBN 9783862885862. Languages of the World/Text Collection 35. 119pp. 2014.

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