LSLAB 02: New Trends in the Psychology of Language

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New Trends in the Psychology of Language
Hristo Kyuchukov (ed.)
Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences
The second volume of the Series Lincom Studies in Language Acquisition and Bilingualism “New Trends in the Psychology of Language” edited by Hristo Kyuchukov presents research findings in the field of applied linguistics. Juliana Stoyanova’s paper is on acquisition of diminutives among Bulgarian monolingual children. The author investigated this issue for many years and she presents a coherent study how the Bulgarian children acquire this particular grammatical category form very early age.
Hristo Kyuchukov, Jill de Villiers and Andrea Takahesu Tabori do a language assessment of preschool Roma children and show their research findings providing a new information about the knowledge of Roma children on some grammatical categories in the age of 3-6 years old. Beata M. Latawiec, Chris C. Latawiec and Barbara Bokus present research results from a study of teaching Polish as a L2 to adult speakers of Slavic languages in the USA context. The paper of Katarzyna Jaworska, Agnieszka Szymanska, Marlena Bartszak and Barbara Bokus is focused on the metaphorical conceptualizations of the notions produced by adults, accounting their mood. Beata M. Latawiec discusses reading comprehension and metacognition as constructs, examines effective methods of teaching metacognitive strategies, as well as reviews evidence from a rich array of up-to-date school-based research and successful instructional paradigms in the English language context. Bill Templer’s paper examines aspects of a key question in Bulgarian public education: rethinking and restructuring multicultural education through new experiments with robust bilingual education for ethnic minority pupils whose home language is not Bulgarian. The volume could be useful for young researchers, scientist and anyone interested in the field of psychology of language.
Hristo Kyuchukov
Juliana Stoyanova                                                                       
Diminutives, clusters and Prosodic Models
in Bulgarian adult-child interaction                                                         
Hristo Kyuchukov, Jill de Villiers & Andrea Takahesu Tabori
Assessing Roma children in their native language of Romani                          
Beata M. Latawiec, Chris C. Latawiec & Barbara Bokus
Dynamic assesment of Pan-Slavic oral persuasion                                           
Katarzyna Jaworska, Agnieszka Szymanska,
Marlena Bartczak & Barbara Bokus
Metaphorical conceptualization of notions: the role of mood                           
Beata M. Latawiec
Metacognition and a moving target of reading comprehension:
effective instructional practices and paradigms                                       
Bill Templer
Confronting linguicism: rethinking multiculturalism and
bilingual instruction in Bulgarian schools                                               
ISBN 9783862887453 (Hardbound). Lincom Studies in Language Acquisition and Bilingualism 02. 180pp. 2016.
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