LSPr 28: Language and cognition: meaning across contexts

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Language and cognition: meaning across contexts
Mikołaj Deckert and Iwona Witczak-Plisiecka (eds.)
University of Lodz
Using the principles and methods of cognitive linguistics, pragmatics as well as corpus linguistics, this volume offers insights into how language structure and contextualised language use condition the meaning-making process. A total of ten contributors draw from English, Greek, German, Hungarian, Latin, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian to examine different types of linguistic evidence ranging from academic discourse, to literature, church language as well as media language. While the papers employ a choice of analytic constructs and research methodologies, they share the central objective of uncovering, systematically describing and explaining some of the patterns of language-prompted meaning construction and communication, both intralingually and in a contrastive perspective.
Table of Contents

Mikołaj Deckert and Iwona Witczak Plisiecka
Language and cognition: meaning across contexts

Marco Venuti
Institutional academic discourse in European university websites. Internationalisation
and marketization in the European higher education area

Izabela Wiśniewska-Kędziora
Prefabs in preaching

Dorota Pierścińska
Using corpus tools to study textual meaning and to discriminate among literary text types

Jacek Tadeusz Waliński
Semantic shifts from space to time in motion-mediated expressions of distance

Marcin Grygiel
Affirmation as a DISTANCE relation

Ewa Wychorska
A holistic approach to cognition, metaphors, dreams and emotions

Aleksandra Majdzińska
Different perspectives on perspective

Andrei Levitsky
East Slavic and West Germanic sleep and dream in the quasi-reality dimension

Jadwiga Suwaj
Are translations of English movie titles localized for the Polish audience?

Katalin Szili
The dialogue of words across languages
ISBN 9783862887019 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Pragmatics 28. 150pp. 2016.
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