LWM 510: A Grammar of Dari

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A Grammar of Dari
Rebecca Mitchell & Djamal Naser
University of Cambridge; Dari interpreter
This book arose from a need for an accessible, up-to-date and comprehensive descriptive grammar of Dari, one of the statutory national languages of Afghanistan and considered today to be the country’s lingua franca. It differs from previous pub-lications in presenting an independent account of Dari as a language in its own right, complete with data on the socio-linguistic attitudes of speakers themselves, sample texts in a variety of genres, standard IPA notation, morphological glosses, and both Roman and Perso-Arabic script throughout.
The book is divided into six sections: the sociolinguistic context, phonology, morphology, syntax, the lexis, and texts. The variety of Dari under discussion is a neutral register of the colloquial language of Kabul, now regarded as the standard.
ISBN 9783862888504. Languages of the World/Materials 510. 144pp. 2017.
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