LWM 145: Russian

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Edna Andrews
Duke University

The present volume is a unique representation of Russian grammar that includes a fundamental description and analysis of the cornerstones of Russian grammatical categories, while providing presentations of lexical meaning, word formation and the interaction of grammatical and lexical meaning in the nominal, adjectival and verbal systems of the Russian language. The language of the metalinguistic texts will be in English coupled by extensive examles from CRD that are sufficiently grounded in meaningful contexts informed by pertinent cultural information.

Although this work is devoted primarily to contemporary standard Russian (CSR), we will also include remarks and commentary that include information about the historical development of the Russian literary language, as well as relevant data in the area of language innovation in a variety of registers, including colloquial, specialized/professional, and substandard language.

The following prelimary table of contents will demonstrate the logical development and reasoning upon which Russian has been conceived:

1. The Russian Case System. a. Historical underpinnings of the case system of CSR. b. Case system of CSR i.declensions, ii. agreement iii. declensional shifts, iv. gender shifts, v. desinences, vi. significance of syncretisms. 2 The Russian Verb System. a. Categories of tense, mood and aspect, b. Conjugation and the one-stem, c. Participle/verbal adverb foramtion and aspect relations, d. Verbal government and variation. 3. Deictic word forms in CSR. 4. Distribution of the categories of person, number and gender: significance and hierarchy. 5. Nondeclining word forms, a. prepositions, b. enclitics/particles, c. substantives, d. question of native Slavic roots and their relationship to foreign borrowings, i. ancient borrowings, ii. recent borrowings. 6. Word formation, a. substantival, b. adjectival, c. verbal, d. deverbal. 7. Semantics of nonroot morphemes, a. purely lexical morphemes, i. suffixes, ii. prefixes, b. morphemes as grammatical and lexical. 8. Syntactic relations and the meaningfulness of word order.

ISBN 9783895861598. Languages of the World/Materials 145. 100pp. 2001.

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