LWM 01: Ge'ez (Classical Ethiopic)

Référence: ISBN 9783895866043

Ge'ez (Classical Ethiopic)

Stefan Weninger
University of Marburg


Ge'ez, a South-Semitic language, is the classical tongue of Ethiopia. Extinct as a spoken language since
the 10th century, it is still used by the Ethiopian church, and still influencing the modern languages of Ethiopia.
In this regard it's comparable to the Classical tongues of Europe, Latin and Greek. After Egyptian and Meroitic
it is one of the oldest attested languages of Africa.
The present volumne contains: A short outline of the problems connected with Ge'ez phonology; the basic
structures of the morphology, with special reference to the verb; the principles of Ge'ez syntax; a sample text,
thoroughly analyzed in interlinear translations. Comparative charts of the nomenclature of the verbal stems,
a chapter on reseach tools and literature and an ample bibliography should function as a helpful guide to
Ge'ez-studies for the non-specialist and faciliate reference. The second revised and enlarged edition takes
account of new findings, the bibliography is updated and more examples are given.

ISBN 9783895866043. Languages of the World/Materials 01. 60pp. 1995.

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