LW 64: Study of the Phonology of Amdo Tibetan Dialects

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Study of the Phonology of Amdo Tibetan Dialects
Wang Shuangcheng
Shanghai Normal University
Translated by Keith Dede
Based on the first-hand investigation, the bookStudy of the Phonology of Amdo Tibetan Dialects systematically studies the modern phonology of Amdo Dialects and their developments. Its major contribution lies in the following aspects: 1. It is the first academic work to comprehensively study the phonology of Tibetan Amdo dialect. 2. It puts forward a new view on the internal classification of Amdo dialects; 3. It solves some problems on aspirated fricative, uvular consonants and nasal consonants through analysis of them, thus providing reference for the study of the relationship between Chinese and Tibetan in history; 4. It discovers suprasegmental phonemes in Maduo dialect in transition zone of Amdo and Kham Tibetan areas, which is of great significance for further understanding of tones in Tibetan.
ISBN 9783969391372 (Hardbound). Languages of the World 64. 306pp. 2023.
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