LSTL 65: Nominalizations and Participles in Czech and beyond

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Nominalizations and Participles in Czech and beyond
Petr Karlík & Lucie Taraldsen Medová (eds.)
Masaryk University
The goal of the book is to investigate the fine morphological details of nominalizations and participles in Czech, with extensions to Germanic languages such as Norwegian and English. The individual studies contained in the book are grounded within the framework of Nanosyntax. The leading idea of this approach is that the fundamental building blocks of syntactic structures are smaller than morphemes and correspond to individual grammatical features. The features are then mapped onto pronunciation by phrasal spellout.
The studies in this book revolve around the question of what the grammatical ingredients of participles and nominalizations are, how they map to surface morphemes, and how this architecture allows us to understand both the overarching generalizations as well as the language-particular details. In addition to the editors, the volume features chapters by P. Caha, M. Starke, T. Taraldsen and M. Ziková.
Pavel Caha & Markéta Ziková
Prefixes in Czech zero-derived nominalizations and verbs
Lucie Taraldsen Medová
Syncretism in participles?
Markéta Ziková
Past participles in Czech: a morphophonological puzzle
Pavel Caha & Petr Karlík
The present participle in Czech: a Nanosyntax account
Michal Starke
The English ‘Medial Habitual’ tense, tense syncretisms and auxiliaries
Tarald Taraldsen
The structural relation between the past participle and other tenses in Norwegian

ISBN 9783969390962 (Hardcover). LINCOM Studies in Theoretical Linguistics 65. 214pp. 2022.

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