LSSLT 05: Recipes for Success in Foreign Language Teaching

Référence: ISBN 9783895860638

Recipes for Success in Foreign Language Teaching

Ready-Made Activities for the L2 Classroom

Katharine N. Harrington & Tina Ware (eds.)
University of Maine, Oklahoma Christian University

Much like a collaborative cookbook is a collection of best-loved recipes, “Recipes for Success in Foreign Language Teaching: Ready-made Activities for the L2 Classroom” is a collective volume of fifty teaching strategies, activities and ready-made lessons from language educators from all over the world. The lessons, both traditional and contemporary, are teachers’ personally developed and road tested second language classroom activities that will benefit all French and Spanish instructors. An eclectic mix of instructional approaches, the “recipes” address common beginnerlevel lessons such as the teaching of verb tenses and other common grammar points, and essential target language vocabulary. It includes three categories of lessons and activities: those designed specifically for French classes, for Spanish classes or those that can easily apply to either language. Each “recipe” includes an introduction to the activity and an explanation of how to implement it in a classroom context. The activities are clearly described and user-friendly with step-by-step instructions written in a straightforward manner. In many cases, teachers are even able to photocopy flashcards, handouts, games, and images directly out of the book for their own classroom use. This volume is designed as an everyday tool to complement any language teachers’ lesson planning.



Recipes for French

Les apéritifs: Essential vocabulary activities for getting started

An Immersion Course in Beginning French: The First Crucial Days
Richard Durán

Quel temps fait-il aujourd’hui?
Soodeh Eghtesad

Faisons de l’exercice ?
Kelly L. Kidder

Concentration game : Questions
Alison J. Murray Levine

Café français group project
B. Layton Isaacs

Dans un restaurant / Les fromages français
Soodeh Eghtesad

Les plats principaux: Hearty Grammar activities

Parlons, chantons, écrivons…pratiquons la conjugaison!
Carole Bergin

Le Tarot
Alison J. Murray Levine

Qu’est-ce qui t’est arrivé ?
Alison J. Murray Levine

Qu’est-ce que t’as fait ?
Alison J. Murray Levine

A kenisthethic reinforcement of passé composé formation
Sybil Jackson Carter

Practicing the passé composé in context
Sinda K. Vanderpool

Je suis malade
Soodeh Eghtesad

Qu’est-ce qui s’est passé ?
Soodeh Eghtesad

Le dîner des cons : Une discussion très drôle
Kendall B. Tarte

Discutons la classe de français / Discutons les médias
Kendall B. Tarte

Ideas for Teaching the Subjunctive in Intermediate French
Leanna Bridge Rezvani

Pour terminer: Activities for Fine-Tuning Beginning Language Skills

Teaching Adjective Placement through the PACE model
Alison Vort Halász

A game for giving directions
Soodeh Eghtesad

Bienvenue à l’O.N.U.: Teaching prepositions with place names
Katharine N. Harrington

Syntax through reading comprehension of familiar surroundings
M. Thérèse Casey Tseng

Recipes for Spanish

Los aperitivos: Essential vocabulary activities for getting started

Identifying foods based on spoken descriptions
Dennis Bricault

Present Tense Verbs: A Collaborative Reading Activity
Jennifer D. Ewald

Creative learning strategies in Spanish: Exploiting the ludic aspect of language strategies to learn the gender of words, grammar and vocabulary
Javier Muñoz-Basols

¿De dónde eres?
Maria C. Riegger

¿Quién lo tiene?
Maria C. Riegger

¿Quién lleva…?
Dennis Bricault

Los segundos platos: Hearty grammar activities

La Cenicienta: Preterit and imperfect
María-Elvira Luna-Escudero-Alie

Postcards from the Edge: A preterit and imperfect activity
Rachel Payne-Hall

Pretérito e imperfecto
Michael K. Cartmill

Mnemonic devices
Michael D. Thomas

Mock wedding/Grammar lesson
Tina Ware

Mi mundo ideal: Present tense of the subjunctive mode
María-Elvira Luna-Escudero-Alie

Use of subjunctive with doubt/denial
Susan M. Knight

¿Qué me aconsejas?
Aracely H. Esparza

Los postres: Activities for fine-tuning beginning language skills

¡Búscalo! A conversational game for learning direct object pronouns
Belinda Suaret

Successful project work
Andrea Cecilia Menegetto

Charades as a lead-in to interview using preterit and imperfect tenses
Belinda Suaret

Les presento a mis amigos Frida y Diego
Carol Eiber

Mnemonic devices for learning in a playful way
Javier Muñoz-Basols

Recipes for All Modern Languages

Appetizers: Essential vocabulary activities for getting started

Conversación telefónica/Telephone conversation
Dennis Bricault

Writing about family
Linda Lassiter

Michael D. Thomas

Main Courses: Hearty grammar activities

Verb conjugation
Violeta Mack-Donovan

All things discovered
Carla R. Monroe

Audra L. Merfeld-Langston
Round Robin Storytelling

Reading as a springboard to other L2 skills
Stuart Stewart

ISBN 9783895860638. LINCOM Studies in Second Language Teaching 05.180pp. 2007.

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