LSSLT 04: Program Evaluation Revisited

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Program Evaluation Revisited

Language Improvement Courses

Fatos Erozan
Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus

The book describes an evaluation case study on a pre-service language teacher education program. The study evaluates the language improvement courses in the undergraduate curriculum of the English Language Teaching (ELT) Department at Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus on the basis of a model modified for the specific context.

The first chapter presents the theoretical and contextual background of the study and its focal points while the second chapter reviews literature in the related field with specific focus on language education. Chapter 3 explains the method of the study: the evaluation model, the participants, the data collection and analysis procedures. Chapters 4, 5 and 6 present the results of the study, and the final chapter discusses the results and their further implications.

The data collected from various sources through a wide range of data elicitation instruments has enabled the researcher to arrive at some important conclusions. Therefore, the case study has several implications for language program evaluation research. First, the results may provide valuable data which can be used to improve the ELT students’ proficiency. Second, the framework used in the study can be implemented in carrying out similar studies at the ELT departments of other universities in similar contexts. Finally, the evaluation model implemented in the present study can effectively be used for the evaluation of the other courses (e.g. methodology courses) in the ELT curriculum.

About the author:

Dr. Fatoş Erozan has been teaching both subject matter and language improvement courses at the Department of English Language Teaching, Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus. Her main research interests are curriculum evaluation, its designing and development. She has recently completed her PhD Thesis on program evaluation. In fact, the present book is based on the main provisions of her thesis.

ISBN 9783895863202. LINCOM Studies in Second Language Teaching 04. 200pp. 2006.

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