LSPh 26: Japanese Pronouncing Dictionary

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Japanese Pronouncing Dictionary
From Transliteration to Phonotonetics
Luciano Canepari & Francesca Miscio
University of Venice; Musashino University of Music, Tokyo
The 60.000 items provided by the Shin-Meikai Nihongo Akusento Jiten are transliterated for the benefit of all learners, linguists and phoneticians, who are not (yet) fully at ease with Japanese ‘ideograms’, but are interested in this important language.
However, the alphabetical order is not Latin, but the Japanese syllabic one, more in keeping with more advanced users. Anyway, people who just need to find out examples, either for linguistic expositions or teaching/learning purposes, can also find the dictionary useful.
Furthermore, unlike its original source, the pronunciation of Japanese is exhaustively dealt with in the introductory chapters, following the Natural Phonotonetics Method, by means of accurate transcriptions and precise articulatory and tonetic figures.
Of course, the authors’ Japanese Pronunciation & Accents provides more information, including intonation and transcriptions, in addition to other accents, including 20 regional and 17 foreign ones.
ISBN 9783862888924 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Phonetics 26. 386pp. 2018.

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