LSNAL 85: Salinan Language Studies

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Salinan Language Studies
David Shaul
University of Arizona
Salinan (coastal central California) is not only abundantly attested in modern recordings after 1900, but also is the only native California language to have been richly documented by the Franciscans in the 1800s. This work contains a summary of the sound pattern, and the most complete morphosyntax description of the language. Data is from both dialects (Antoniano, Migueleño), but is mostly Antoniano. Of particular interest is the revelation of a pitch-accent system (two melodies), accounting for "stress" irregularity. The remarkable variety of plural forms is explained by a process of derivation that depends on the melody inherent in a given root.  Pluractionality in verbs is shown to be rare, especially in data recorded after 1900.  A specifier serves as only productive adposition, and also is used in marking relative clauses and in person possessor marking on nouns. The stative-active resolution of Salinan verbs is explored through occurences of each category in texts. Sample texts, some never published, show the discourse strategy of Salinan. A summary is given of Salinan linguistic prehistory with application of Hokan Common Core. The Salinan and Engish Lexicon is a companion volume. 

ISBN 9783862902132 (Hardbound). LINCOM Studies in Native American Linguistics 85. 322pp. 2020. 

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