LSNAL 39: Língua matis (pano): uma análise fonológica

Référence: ISBN 9783895864186

Língua matis (pano): uma análise fonológica

Vitória Regina Spanghero Ferreira
Universidad de CAMPINAS

The following study shows a phonetic and phonological report of the Matis language, belonging to the Pano family whose population lives in the state of Amazonas.

This work consist of six chapters, conclusion and a bibliography. The first chapter shows a brief introduction, presents the methodology applied in the field to collect the linguistic material used in this study and the methodology of linguistic analysis.

The second chapter shows a detailed report of the Matis people, their geographical position and some aspects concerning their language and culture, and a brief discussion of the studies about the Pano linguistic family.

The third chapter defines the phonemes and the allophones of the language through the traditional analysis such as minimum pair, analogous pair, complementary distribution and free variation.

From the fourth chapter on our study was guided mainly by the non-linear phonological theories. On this chapter we covered the Matis syllable structure, taking into consideration the syllable, syllable standards, the language syllable process, the ambivalent sequences, and we classified the phonemes in natural classes according to the feature geometrical theory.

The fifth chapter analyse the phonological processes which occur in the language: fusion, nasal assimilation, lenition and tapping, neutralization and vowel deletion. The last chapter deals with the stress pattern. [Written in Portuguese]

ISBN 9783895864186. LINCOM Studies in Native American Linguistics 39. 170pp. 2001.

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